1100 VIenna, Oberlaaer Straße 206

The guiding principles of this oasis are openness and spaciousness. These residential oases are equipped with large rooms that give residents freedom and make them comfortable. These oases are also equipped with high window facades that let light in and grant gorgeous views outside. From a visual perspective, the inside and outside are clearly structurally separated, yet they are connected. For a pure residential atmosphere. The colorfully accentuated townhouse is timeless and prestigious. Clear lines and carefully installed materials ensure a homey atmosphere ...

Live on Paradise Grounds
1140 Vienna, Satzberggasse 19

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the Viennese metropolis, at the foot Satzberg 13, there are modern condominiums with spacious balconies, patios, and private gardens. SATZBERG 19 captures in a nutshell the future of living: You're just moments away from both the vibrant life of a big city and the calm expanse of the Viennese forest. State-of-the-art Architecture: The home is a high-tech organism. An underground garage with a car elevator, basement compartments, bike parking, and an electric charging station all build the basis for it. The centrally controlled ...

1100 Vienna, Maria-Lassnig-Straße 36

Built according to ecological principles, of clear structure, with health-conscious neighbors, bright atmosphere and high-quality equipment. The health district as a place of sustainable living and life at the Helmut-Zilk Park. The effect of the detached house on the southeastern tip of the new district can even be seen from its outside. The natural wood façade, floor-to-ceiling windows, spacious balconies and an open roof terrace promise well-being, light, air and sun. A promise, pleasantly confirmed inwardly, which includes the unique concept of holistic, healthy ...

1170 Vienna, Kastnergasse 21

The newly adapted founder-era house is simple and really beautiful. The complex fusion of old and new, founder-era and modern has been promoted with tactful caution. The apartments invite you to breath, relax and enjoy. The top revitalized old building has many large balconies, elegant windows and high ceilings. Apartments are flooded with light and exude a positive atmosphere.

The Kastnergasse 21 property is situated outside of the chaos of the city, in charming, urban upper Hernals. The location is well-connected to the public transportation system, and ...

GUT LAUDON – Woodside Living
1140 Vienna, Dr. Heckmann-Straße 10c

Site open day on April 14th, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Dr. Heckmann-Straße 10c Access via Postgasse 13 and the Buchbergstraße trail. Parking options: Postgasse and Bahnstraße We look forward to meeting you at the construction site itself in order to present the GUT LAUDON Project.

The New Laudon. - In a peaceful, green setting and enjoying a south-western orientation, with superb views over the Wienerwald forest, the two buildings are nestled harmoniously between the Laudon Forest, Schloss Laudon castle and the natural environment ...

1160 Vienna, Steinmüllergasse 64

The key to modern architecture This modern architectural and lifestyle concept attracts the most demanding individuals in search of a change of pace and personal space. Benefits at a glance: contemporary architecture with views, versatile leisure options, superb natural surroundings, good public transportation connections, excellent infrastructure, Kindergardens and schools Steinmüllergasse 64 is opent to anyone in search of cosmopolitan, metropolitan living. With an utterly peaceful setting on the Wilhelminenberg, this new apartment building features ...

1140 Wien, Hochsatzengasse 10

In the heart of Vienna's 14th district, near the Baumgartner Casino Park, fourteen apartments are being built in a peaceful, green setting for owner-occupation or investment, in a peaceful, green . The properties feature enchanting views and blend harmoniously with the district's villas. Extensive green spaces surround the developments and offer high-quality, suburban living to suit every lifestyle. The apartments, which range in size from approx. 43 to 141 square meters, all feature attractive exteriors that enhance the feeling of living close to nature. Bright, spacious ...

1100 Vienna, Schleiergasse 2

The impressive new housing project was built in the heart of Vienna's 10th district and is located on Schleiergasse 2. The entire building has been furnished with high-quality equipment. The residential complex consists of two buildings and an underground car park. The building was finalized in September 2017

1180 Vienna, Gersthofer Straße 74-76

AM SCHAFFENBERG is a new-build project currently under construction at Gersthofer Street 74-76. Fourteen new, modern and contemporary living units, all equipped with a balcony, garden, or generously-proportioned terraces, are being built. The innovative approach to planning and construction results in a building that is attractive in every sense of the world, built at a slight elevation above Gersthofer Straße. All properties on the first floor, which is around three meters above street level due to the slight elevation, feature private gardens - private oases of ...

1090 Vienna, Berggasse 35

Berggasse 35 has a history of making connections. The property was the location of the State Telephone Exchange II, which was built in 1898 following plans created by Franz von Neumann. Today, over a century later, the property's industrial-age architecture has been sympathetically adapted for contemporary living. With its outstanding location, in the heart of the Alsergrund District, the BERGGASSE 35 Project has created a new location where you'll instantly feel at home. Experience the spirit and think of the future. The historic location, contemporary materials and ...

Vienna 15, Beingasse 8

APARTMENT PACKAGE FOR INVESTORS - 28 newly built first-tenancy apartments were constructed in the course of this project near the new Vienna-West station. All apartments were rented for a limited period, so the investor made indexed rental income immediately after purchase. This investment package is characterized by a high rate of return with a high potential for value creation through attractive purchase prices and an ongoing revaluation at the micro- and macro-levels.

Vienna 07, Sigmundsgasse 5

BIEDERMEIER JEWEL NEAR SPITTELBERG - Located in the heart of the 7th District, the Sigmundsgasse is an essential part of the Spittelberg-Grätzel with its unmistakable flair of Biedermeier Vienna. The Sigmundsgasse 5 project is the synthesis of the classic building structure and its typical atmosphere that includes all the attributes of modern functionality and high-class living comfort. A total of 14 units on standard floors and 3 attic apartments were built. The residential units between 41m2 and 289

1170 Vienna, Hernalser Gürtel 1

HIGH-END LIVING HERNALS offers a unique feeling of well-being in this environment. Located in a newly built prestigious house with a guaranteed unique selling point. Leave your everyday life far behind you. Be in a privileged position with three residential floors in a 12-story building, "Hernalser". Depending on the preferred direction and the desired size, all 13 high-quality apartments are for sale. Each of them has at least one recessed balcony that can be used all year long. The unique view over the city can be enjoyed in the day or night thanks to the spacious window ...


A modern residential construction project situated in an attractive urban location with high-quality owner-occupied and investor apartments that offer housing areas of approximately 40 to 75m2 (plus balconies and terraces). The location and contemporary architecture of the building meet aesthetic and functional requirements and offer space for 18 residential units across seven floors. A residential unit with a garden is located on the ground floor. The five upper floors are divided into three residential units while the attic is ...

1190 Vienna - Sommergasse 1

This wonderful penthouse expansion is being developed in an existing historic building in the center of Oberdöbing with an idyllic, unobstructed view over the rooftops of Vienna. The entire building was renovated in 2014, including new piping and the installation of an elevator. It makes a convincing impression via its lovely, structured facade and charming stairwell. The existing rooftop floor is now being expanded to two floors where a total of six new apartments will be created. Each offers spacious living and sleeping areas and expansive outdoor areas with ...

1160 Vienna, Thallastrasse 53

The residential and commercial spaces at Thallastrasse 53 are located in the heart of Vienna's 16th District, Ottakring, nestled between the Lerchenfeder Belt and the hills of the Wienerwald, north of Hernals and bordering on Josefstadt and Neubau on the east. Sixteen sunny, turn-key residential units and a commercial space were developed. (more…)


The newly-constructed project, with a total of 16 high-quality residential and commercial apartments, offers units of 42 to 128m2. The object is set slightly back of the Heiligenstädter Straße, and separated by a secondary path, as well as a green stiff with a tree. The efficient layouts were designed as two- and three-room apartments. All apartments have an open plan kitchen and one or two bedrooms, including adjoining rooms. The bathrooms are equipped with modern finishes, a walk-in shower or a bathtub. The balconies, terraces and gardens are ...

1030 Vienna, Traungasse 12

The corner house, with its curved facade, gives the housing project "APARTMENT BUILDING NEAR THE BELVEDERE - TRAUNGASSE 12" a unique appearance. The existing building was fully renovated and revamped to meet the highest standards of modern interior design. In addition to a large office space, there is also, among other things, a storage room for strollers and bicycles on the ground floor. On the floors above, high-quality owner-occupied apartments and investment apartments between roughly 60 to 180m2 are being built. Each apartment has full-perimeter open ...

1020 Vienna - Mühlfedgasse 11

This house is fully refurbished and the facilities upgraded to meet the highest standards. The floor plans have also been adapted to meet modern requirements. In addition, new apartments with spacious terraces are being built in the attic. There is also a garage with four parking spaces. The original structure of the street-side facade is preserved, while the inner facade is equipped with thermal insulation. Windows have been replaced with wood-aluminum windows with triple glazing. All electrical lines and gas/water pipes are new. A central hot water treatment system ...

Living in Nussdorf
1190 Vienna - Heiligenstädter Str. 183

The building was built at the turn of the century (19th/20th century) and initially comprised of two ground floors, two upper floors and an agricultural building. In the course of an extensive refurbishment, the main house will be extended by a third floor and two attic floors with roof terraces. The property is being renovated, rebuilt and furnished with consideration of the historic background and according to the highest standards. 11 apartments between 44-115m2 are equipped with a courtyard and balconies for the most part. The ...

Exclusive living in the heart of Vienna
1090 Vienna, Kolingasse 19

In Kolingasse, you can live in the glamorous, splendid Vienna of the past and enjoy your life. During the planning of the luxury apartments, LIVING KOLIN, special attention was paid to the respectful handling of the valuable property. During the revitalization, the apartments were furnished with modern materials to assure the increasing demand for quality. The tasteful old buildings, some of which even have a salon, give a sense of a typical late 19th-century atmosphere. The luxury apartments with the attic that come with spacious terraces are unique in their furbishing ...

“LOFT 68” – large living area in a refurbished commercial building
1200 Vienna, Treustraße

The former printing shop was completely redesigned in 2014 and rebuilt according to the highest standards. The property is located on the outskirts of the low-traffic Treustraße. Each floor offers a loft-like living space in a fully renovated commercial building. All units were styled in a modern design and furnished with high-quality equipment. The residential building houses eight floors with an office/building unit, six residential units and a roof terrace. The extraordinary, spacious loft design allows for a flexible and individual reflection of the floor plan. ...

1120 Vienna, Krichbaumgasse 35

The existing structure of this building has been renovated while preserving its original style. A modern infrastructure has been added to the house, such as the wooden-aluminum windows and terrace doors installed with a multiple-layer glazing, and some apartments were also expanded with private gardens in the courtyard. The two-story attic apartments can be reached by the elevator. The bedrooms are on the lower floor while you can find a spacious living room with an exit to the terrace on the upper floor. The apartments are equipped with high-quality materials – ...

1170 Vienna, Blumengasse 47

LIVING IN A RENOVATED HISTORIC BUILDING - A total of 18 residential units between 55 and 100m2 are offered for sale in Blumengasse 47. The property is located in a quiet and sought after Hernalser residential district. The beautiful corner house was built at the turn of the century, and it's been revitalized and renovated with the greatest possible consideration of the historic substance. Additionally, another floor and an attic with terraces were added. An elevator ensures an accessible connection between the ground floor and the ...