1180 Vienna, Sternwartestraße 6

The historic corner house, including attic addition, is attractive because of its solid construction, modern details, and its charming location. The historic facade of the property are being expanded upon and refurbished to a high standard.

The residence itself exudes a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The building’s main attractive characteristics were kept, and the comforts of modern life were added only with well-placed interventions regarding style and warmth. The fusion of old and new, Gründerzeit and modern was implemented with great sensitivity. Due to the high windows and spaces, the apartments are bright and flooded with light.

With the old trees in the charming courtyard, balconies and patios add more comfort and a smooth transition from inside to outside.
All the floor plans architecturally optimized to be used in a variety of different ways.

Construction of the building is planned to be completed sometime in 2020.

Construction of the attic is planned to be completed in spring 2021.


TopFloorRoomsAreaOutdoor AreaPriceLayoutContact
31. OG244,36m²-SOLD outline anfrage
41. OG256,64m²-330.000 outline anfrage
51. OG255,89m²-330.000 outline anfrage
61. OG360,68m²5,67m²SOLD outline anfrage
72. OG261,14m²7,17m²SOLD outline anfrage
82. OG130,36m²-SOLD outline anfrage
92. OG258,14m²-SOLD outline anfrage
102. OG244,48m²-SOLD outline anfrage
112. OG387,45m²8,14m²SOLD outline anfrage
123. OG262,30m²7,17m²SOLD outline anfrage
133. OG130,95m²-SOLD outline anfrage
143. OG259,63m²-SOLD outline anfrage
153. OG245,37m²-SOLD outline anfrage
163. OG389,23m²8,14m²SOLD outline anfrage
174. OG259,40m²7,17m²SOLD outline anfrage
184. OG130,95m²-SOLD outline anfrage
194. OG259,63m²-SOLD outline anfrage
204. OG240,18m²-SOLD outline anfrage
214. OG130,11m²-SOLD outline anfrage
224. OG257,35m²8,25m²SOLD outline anfrage
231. DG254,07m²15,19m²SOLD outline anfrage
241. DG + 2. DG3100,12m²11,24m²SOLD outline anfrage
251. DG + 2. DG4150,30m²52,01m²SOLD outline anfrage
261. DG376,18m²7,50m²SOLD outline anfrage
271. DG385,05m²22,30m²SOLD outline anfrage
General Enquiry


  • Ceiling heights of up to 10.8ft (3.3m)
  • Entrance doors: Resistance Class III with safety locks
  • Wood/Aluminum windows from Josko with triple-layered insulating glass in and fittings “Old Vienna Chrome” design
  • Interior doors: divided wood doors 80×220 partly double doors with fittings in “Old Vienna Chrome” design
  • Vault windows with external electric shading systems (in the attic)
  • Photovoltiac system in the roof with a grid supply
  • Hardwood floor – oak
  • Underfloor heating system
  • Thermostat in the living spaces (first floor)
  • Modern, gas-powered central heating
  • Glazed walk-in shower with a tile floor
  • High-quality, large-sized stoneware (60 x 60) in the restrooms
  • High-quality sanitation equipment
  • Separate closet
  • Central locking system
  • Mailbox in entrance area
  • Bike and stroller storage room


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