FLORIETTE – Private Park Living

1130 Vienna, Jagdschlossgasse 23

On an unbelievable 12,000 m2 of park space, a world of its own is being created in the FLORIETTE project in the middle of Hietzing, one of the most sought-after and exclusive residential districts in Vienna.

A modern luxury residence divided into the impressive “Floriette Townhouse” and three elegant new villas. The project impresses with modern architecture with spacious areas and panoramic windows that blend harmoniously into the area. And all of this in its own private park landscape with meadows, paths and flower beds and a wide variety of diverse highlights like the Secret Garden, an ornamental garden with a water feature or a children’s playground.

The flats were designed for residents with the highest standards. All living spaces including terraces and balconies are conveniently located on a single level. They impress with their generosity and an exquisite room and furnishing concept. Thanks to extraordinary room heights between approx. 2.70 and 3.60 metres, they offer the best light conditions. High-quality equipment such as underfloor heating, component activation for temperature control, air-source heat pump, high-quality shading, smart home system and, if desired, a mobile concierge service are standard here.

An equipped fitness area as well as a wellness area with sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin and relaxation room and a yoga and massage room that can be booked privately round off the offer.

Up to 2 garage parking spaces per flat are available in the building’s own underground garage. Of course, a charging device for an electric car can be provided for each owner on request.

Quality, functionality and timeless elegance make this extraordinary property the ideal place for people who appreciate generous layouts and high-quality furnishings.

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We would like to point out that there is a close economic relationship between the broker and the client. The broker acts as a dual broker.


Top Floor Rooms Living Space Outdoor Area Price Layout Contact
1.01EG5133m²56m²1.598.000 outline anfrage
1.02EG261m²32m²599.000 outline anfrage
1.03EG4147m²62m²1.599.000 outline anfrage
1.041.OG5134m²21m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.051.OG383m²24m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.061.OG4121m²22m²1.390.000 outline anfrage
1.071.OG254m²-SOLD outline anfrage
1.08DG3116m²38m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.09DG383m²24m²989.000 outline anfrage
1.10DG4108m²32m²1.445.000 outline anfrage
1.11DG245m²7m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.01EG5137m²45m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.02EG261m²32m²569.000 outline anfrage
2.03EG4135m²61,55m²1.490.000 outline anfrage
2.041.OG5116m²18m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.051.OG3107m²27m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.061.OG4122m²22m²RESERVED outline anfrage
2.071.OG247m²-SOLD outline anfrage
2.08DG3108m²24m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.09DG3107m²27m²1.199.000 outline anfrage
2.10DG4146m²45m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.01EG267m²65m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.02EG4129m²106m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.03EG3100m²286m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.04EG275m²217m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.051.OG4129m²42m²1.299.000 outline anfrage
3.061.OG3100m²36m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.071.OG3101m²37m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.081.OG278m²31m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.092.OG4129m²42m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.102.OG3100m²36m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.112.OG3101m²37m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.122.OG278m²31m²SOLD outline anfrage
3.13DG4150m²132m²1.849.000 outline anfrage
3.14DG4152m²132m²1.799.000 outline anfrage
4.01EG267m²92m²665.000 outline anfrage
4.02EG4129m²106m²1.425.000 outline anfrage
4.03EG3100m²95m²985.000 outline anfrage
4.04EG275m²93m²SOLD outline anfrage
4.051.OG4129m²42m²1.430.000 outline anfrage
4.061.OG3100m²36m²SOLD outline anfrage
4.071.OG3101m²37m²SOLD outline anfrage
4.081.OG278,11m²31m²799.000 outline anfrage
4.092.OG4129m²42m²SOLD outline anfrage
4.102.OG3100m²36m²SOLD outline anfrage
4.112.OG3101m²37m²SOLD outline anfrage
4.122.OG278m²31m²SOLD outline anfrage
4.13DG4150m²132m²SOLD outline anfrage
4.14DG4152m²132m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.01EG267m²92m²689.000 outline anfrage
5.02EG4129m²127m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.03EG3100m²404m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.04EG275m²175m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.051.OG4129m²42m²1.369.000 outline anfrage
5.061.OG3100m²36m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.071.OG3101m²37m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.081.OG278m²31m²825.000 outline anfrage
5.092.OG4129m²42m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.102.OG3100m²36m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.112.OG3101m²37m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.122.OG278m²31m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.13DG4150m²132m²SOLD outline anfrage
5.14DG4152m²132m²SOLD outline anfrage
General Enquiry


// room heights from 2.70 – 3, 60 metres
// barrier-free access
// brushed oak Admont plank
// wooden aluminium windows with 3-pane insulating glazing
// electrically operated sun protection (Venetian blinds)
// underfloor heating (heat pump)
// temperature control by means of component activation
// high-quality porcelain stoneware in the sanitary area from L’Argilla
// high-quality sanitary fittings (Vallone and Steinberg)
// floor-level walk-in shower
// smart home control
// video intercom system
// alarm system preparation
// central locking system
// private fitness and wellness area with sauna, steam bath and infrared cabin
// Concierge service

Facilities in the park
// Kneipp pool
// Seating groups and picnic islands with stools and benches
// Kitchen garden with raised beds
// Ornamental garden
// Children’s playground
// Dog zone

Subject to errors and changes


Located in the middle of Hietzing, one of Vienna’s most sought-after living district


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