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1010 Vienna, Werdertorgasse 5-7

In the middle of the exclusive historic textile quarter of Vienna ‘s city center lies the imperial Gründerzeithaus on the corner of Neutor-/Werdertorgasse. Built in 1869 as an imposing residential and commercial building, the Wilhelminian-style building impresses with its high-quality, turn-of-the-century architecture, historic significance, and central location. The timelessly elegant building ensemble is now being revitalized as a modern, luxurious living and lifestyle environment.

A special feature of the residential building which is unique in Vienna. The ground floor has its own well-equipped spa and large pool, children’ s pool, and fitness area.In addition, a concierge provides the owners with services and complements the extraordinary amenities that AM WERDERTOR offers its residents.

AM WERDERTOR not only offers spacious apartments throughout the floors of the classic old building, but also newly designed apartments on the roof.The extension of the top floor combines the timeless beauty of the historic building with a modern penthouse world.

Energy efficiency values: Heating 24.06; Overall 0.74


TopFloorRoomsAreaOutdoor AreaPriceLayoutContact
1aEG-216,00m²Bürom²- outline anfrage
1bEG-291,00m²Bürom²- outline anfrage
3EG165,60m²-- outline anfrage
41. OG3158,05m²-SOLD outline anfrage
51. OG4192,16m²-SOLD outline anfrage
61. OG246,71m²-SOLD outline anfrage
71. OG3167,04m²-SOLD outline anfrage
81. OG2108,58m²-SOLD outline anfrage
91. OG3110,50m²-SOLD outline anfrage
101. OG247,42m²-SOLD outline anfrage
111. OG241,57m²-SOLD outline anfrage
121. OG268,08m²-SOLD outline anfrage
132. OG3162,71m²5,96m²SOLD outline anfrage
142. OG4192,96m²-SOLD outline anfrage
152. OG246,37m²-SOLD outline anfrage
162. OG3168,24m²2,86m²SOLD outline anfrage
172. OG2108,02m²-SOLD outline anfrage
182. OG3108,80m²2,16m²SOLD outline anfrage
192. OG247,40m²-SOLD outline anfrage
202. OG241,99m²-SOLD outline anfrage
212. OG268,48m²-SOLD outline anfrage
22+233. OG4365,30m²-SOLD outline anfrage
243. OG246,87m²-SOLD outline anfrage
253. OG3170,06m²-SOLD outline anfrage
263. OG2105,74m²-SOLD outline anfrage
272. OG3113,23m²-SOLD outline anfrage
283. OG247,31m²-SOLD outline anfrage
293. OG242,40m²-SOLD outline anfrage
303. OG268,75m²-SOLD outline anfrage
314. OG3162,23m²3,06m²SOLD outline anfrage
32195,804195,80m²-SOLD outline anfrage
334. OG247,18m²-SOLD outline anfrage
344. OG3169,35m²-- outline anfrage
354. OG2105,74m²-- outline anfrage
364. OG3111,99m²-SOLD outline anfrage
374. OG247,32m²-SOLD outline anfrage
384. OG242,73m²-SOLD outline anfrage
394. OG269,18m²-SOLD outline anfrage
401.+2. DG5318,93m²111,89m²SOLD outline anfrage
411.+2. DG5281,22m²72,55m²- outline anfrage
421.+2. DG4160,43m²50,94m²- outline anfrage
431.+2. DG4268,59m²54,43m²- outline anfrage
441.+2. DG4226,99m²83,22m²- outline anfrage
451.+2. DG244,44m²-- outline anfrage
461.+2. DG392,07m²-- outline anfrage
General Enquiry


  • Apartment entrance door WK III
  • Natural oak in classical herringbone pattern
  • Underfloor heating.
  • Glazed walk-in shower and freestanding bath
  • High-quality porcelain stoneware in the sanitary areas
  • First-class sanitary ware
  • New box windows in the standard floors
  • Utility room incl. washing machine connection
  • Air conditioning
  • Video intercom
  • Smart Home system
  • Spacious lift, barrier-free
  • Spa with indoor pool and fitness area in the building
  • Concierge service


The property is located in a quiet residential and business district, with various local amenities, restaurants, and small green spaces. The major shopping streets, with international designers and traditional Viennese shops, are within easy walking distance.
The transport links are optimal, with access to the tram, bus, and metro just minutes away. So you can easily get from AM WERDERTOR to all the city’s most attractive points by public transportation. The airport can be reached in about 30 minutes.


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