1010 Vienna, Werdertorgasse 6

In the middle of Vienna’s city centre, in the historic textile quarter, a Gründerzeit building is reinventing itself. WERDER SIX is an urban home for the discerning, proving that a quiet living environment and the vibrant flair of the city centre are not mutually exclusive. Surrounded by well-kept streets and small parks, there are also numerous buildings from the Fin de Siècle, a heyday of architecture in Vienna, in the immediate vicinity. This is a good place to live.

The residential and official building at Werdertorgasse 6, built in 1876, has been given a modern face.

The front of the old building is primarily a façade for an original new building concept inside, which guarantees contemporary living at a remarkable level.  In addition to a landscaped inner courtyard, gardens, terraces and loggias define the overall picture.

In this way, the apartments open up generously to the outside. WERDER SIX is puristic elegance and striking architecture. A high standard of design and materiality characterises the extraordinary note of the apartments; as if made for discerning cosmopolitans who are looking for a successful combination of old and new.


Energy efficiency values: Heating 24.26 Class B; Overall 0.81 Class A

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TopFloorRoomsAreaOutdoor AreaPriceLayoutContact
163. OG270,20m²-1.025.000 outline anfrage
234. OG294,92m²-1.549.000 outline anfrage
264. OG251,45m²-879.000 outline anfrage
274. OG297,69m²-1.609.000 outline anfrage
294. OG391,42m²10,45m²1.329.000 outline anfrage
305. OG262,93m²4,81m²949.000 outline anfrage
315. OG249,02m²4,85m²799.000 outline anfrage
346. OG262,81m²4,58m²1.050.000 outline anfrage
356. OG249,21m²4,84m²889.000 outline anfrage
366. OG2108,17m²-1.950.000 outline anfrage
376. OG294,39m²-1.699.000 outline anfrage
386. OG271,78m²4,85m²1.199.000 outline anfrage
396. OG391,77m²10,59m²1.580.000 outline anfrage
407. OG271,36m²-1.399.000 outline anfrage
417. OG262,81m²4,42m²1.250.000 outline anfrage
427. OG248,58m²4,51m²995.000 outline anfrage
437. OG261,81m²-1.220.000 outline anfrage
447. OG271,87m²-1.420.000 outline anfrage
457. OG270,62m²4,82m²1.349.000 outline anfrage
467. OG393,11m²69,46m²1.999.000 outline anfrage
471. DG + 2. DG2152,34m²56,73m²4.245.000 outline anfrage
481. DG + 2. DG2133,51m²32,80m²SOLD outline anfrage
491. DG + 2. DG2133,39m²35,40m²3.249.000 outline anfrage
501. DG + 2. DG2147,31m²113,89m²4.799.000 outline anfrage
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// SMART HOME system
// Air conditioning (district cooling)
// Oak wood parquet (floorboards)
// Underfloor heating (district heating)
// Glazed walk-in shower
// High-quality porcelain stoneware and sanitary fittings in the wet areas
// Entrance doors resistance class III
// Spacious elevator


WERDER SIX is surrounded by the neat residential and shopping streets of the historic textile district. Here you’ll find places to get local supplies, pubs, and small parks right in the neighborhood. But the shopping streets, where international designers are lined up next to traditional Viennese coffeehouses, are just a short walk away.


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