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1010 Vienna, Werdertorgasse 6

Located in the heart of the historic Textiles District of Vienna City, this 19th-century building from the Gründerzeit era has been reinvented. The launch of WERDER SIX represents an urban home for demanding people, demonstrating that a quiet living environment and the beating heart of the downtown area are fully compatible. In an area surrounded by well-maintained streets and small parks, the immediate neighborhood is also home to Fin de Siècle buildings, a defining period in the city’s architecture: a place to live well and enjoy life.

The residential and administrative building at Werdertorgasse 6, which was built in 1876, has gained a modern aspect thanks to the WERDER SIX development.

The original façade hides an original new build concept inside the building, offering a remarkable standard of contemporary living, with apartments that reflect the Zeitgeist. As well as the green space of the courtyard, gardens, terraces, and loggias set the tone for the building.

As such, the apartments are open to the outside world with a generous frontage WERDER SIX combines minimalist elegance with striking architecture, defined by the most demanding approach to design and materials to set an exceptional standard. These apartments are bursting with individuality and character to create a unique, state-of-the-art living experience that is tailor-made for demanding, cosmopolitan people who are seeking a skilful blend of old and new.

Energy efficiency values: Heating 24.26 Class B; Overall 0.81 Class A

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TopFloorRoomsAreaOutdoor AreaPriceLayoutContact
1EG269,02m²-SOLD outline anfrage
2EG262,96m²43,92m²SOLD outline anfrage
3EG289,44m²41,31m²SOLD outline anfrage
4EG395,58m²65,68m²SOLD outline anfrage
51. OG295,04m²-- outline anfrage
61. OG262,96m²5,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
71. OG250,12m²5,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
81. OG296,42m²-- outline anfrage
91. OG274,15m²5,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
101. OG396,51m²11,75m²SOLD outline anfrage
112. OG262,69m²5,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
122. OG250,12m²5,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
132. OG253,06m²-SOLD outline anfrage
142. OG274,58m²5,91m²SOLD outline anfrage
152. OG396,36m²11,70m²SOLD outline anfrage
163. OG270,20m²-- outline anfrage
173. OG262,69m²5,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
183. OG250,12m²5,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
193. OG251,66m²-- outline anfrage
203. OG272,96m²-- outline anfrage
213. OG274,58m²5,91m²SOLD outline anfrage
223. OG395,62m²12,25m²SOLD outline anfrage
234. OG294,92m²-- outline anfrage
244. OG263,24m²5,80m²SOLD outline anfrage
254. OG250,12m²5,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
264. OG251,45m²-- outline anfrage
274. OG297,69m²-- outline anfrage
284. OG272,70m²6,06m²SOLD outline anfrage
294. OG391,42m²10,45m²- outline anfrage
305. OG262,93m²5,72m²- outline anfrage
315. OG249,02m²5,62m²- outline anfrage
325. OG272,24m²5,88m²- outline anfrage
335. OG392,09m²11,75m²SOLD outline anfrage
346. OG262,81m²6,15m²- outline anfrage
356. OG249,21m²5,65m²- outline anfrage
366. OG2108,17m²-- outline anfrage
376. OG294,39m²-- outline anfrage
386. OG271,78m²6,55m²- outline anfrage
396. OG391,77m²10,59m²- outline anfrage
407. OG271,36m²-- outline anfrage
417. OG262,81m²5,51m²- outline anfrage
427. OG248,58m²5,53m²- outline anfrage
437. OG261,81m²-- outline anfrage
447. OG271,87m²-- outline anfrage
457. OG270,62m²6,33m²- outline anfrage
467. OG393,11m²65,39m²- outline anfrage
471. DG + 2. DG2152,34m²43,70m²- outline anfrage
481. DG + 2. DG2133,51m²32,80m²- outline anfrage
491. DG + 2. DG2133,39m²35,40m²- outline anfrage
501. DG + 2. DG2147,31m²126,43m²- outline anfrage
General Enquiry


// SMART home system

// Thermostat

// Hardwood oak floorboard look

// Underfloor heating system

// Lift and slide doors in the living area

// Video intercom

// Glass walk-in shower

// High-quality stoneware and sanitation facilities in the wet areas

// Open spaces with external lighting, water and electrical connection

// Entrance doors Resistance Class III

// Spacious elevator, 100% disabled accessible

// Wood/Aluminum with triple-layered insulating glass and external

//shading in the newly constructed areas


WERDER SIX is surrounded by the neat residential and shopping streets of the historic textile district. Here you’ll find places to get local supplies, pubs, and small parks right in the neighborhood. But the shopping streets, where international designers are lined up next to traditional Viennese coffeehouses, are just a short walk away.


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