Life in an idyllic Viennese wine village – Stammersdorf

1210 Vienna, Stammersdorfer Straße 10

Stammersdorf, a beautiful jewel in the north of Vienna’s 21st District, is a picturesque town that lies at the foot of the Bisamberg.

Among countless new wines, where Stammersdorfer Straße still enchants people with its village charms, a modern housing project with a special recreational value has been developed.

5 houses have been constructed, 4 of them duplexes and one building with multiple apartments. All the houses and apartments have sunny private gardens and/or patios that invite you to spend hours relaxing outdoors.

The flats and the duplexes are on owner-occupied land and are commission-free for the buyer.
Energy statistics: HWB 41.8 Class B; fGEE 0.58 Class A
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We would like to point out that there is a close economic relationship between the broker and the client. The broker acts as a dual broker.


Top Floor Rooms Living Space Outdoor Area Price Layout Contact
1EG246,39m²46,90m²SOLD outline anfrage
2EG249,76m²68,82m²SOLD outline anfrage
31. DG266,35m²8,57m²SOLD outline anfrage
41. DG262,66m²8,48m²SOLD outline anfrage
51. + 2. DG393,25m²20,27m²SOLD outline anfrage
61. + 2. DG4121,13m²21,04m²SOLD outline anfrage
Haus 1KG/EG/DG3111,06m²63,86m²SOLD outline anfrage
Haus 2KG/EG/DG3108,27m²76,71m²SOLD outline anfrage
Haus 3EG/DG3110,14m²51,98m²SOLD outline anfrage
Haus 4KG/EG/DG3104,18m²69,19m²SOLD outline anfrage
Haus 5EG/DG3110,02m²66,48m²SOLD outline anfrage
Haus 6KG/EG/DG3103,77m²74,53m²SOLD outline anfrage
Haus 7KG/EG/DG4109,25m²83,49m²SOLD outline anfrage
Haus 8KG/EG/DG4110,19m²100,82m²SOLD outline anfrage
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// flat entrance doors resistance class III

// Real wood – oak parquet

// Wooden aluminium windows with 3-pane insulating glazing

// Roof windows with electrically operated, interior folding blinds

// electrically operated Venetian blinds (south-facing)

// underfloor heating

// high-quality porcelain stoneware in the sanitary areas

// open spaces with outdoor lighting and power connection

// central locking system

// awning on the terrace


In just a 1-minute walk you can reach bus lines 125 and 228, which connect the modern housing project with the U6-Floridsdorf and U1-Leopoldau U-Bahn stations. If you walk 14 minutes, you can take Tram Line 31, which will take you on a 45-minute trip into downtown Vienna (Schottenring). You’re an 11-minute car ride from Autobahn 22 on the bank of the Danube. The G3 shopping center in nearby Gerasdorf is only an 11-minute car ride away.


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