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About Piment

PIMENT Immobilien & Investment GmbH is a brokerage firm specializing in the marketing of high-end residential properties in Vienna. We act as an exclusively contracted broker for newly built or renovated historic apartments belonging to comprehensive housing projects. We are responsible for the sale of all properties within these projects.

We are commissioned by the property developers, who involve us from the very start in the development of a new building or the renovation of old apartments. In collaboration with the property developer team and their architect, we design the floor plan, plan the construction and interior fittings and determine the prices. We act as the point of contact for interested parties and potential buyers and bring extensive experience and knowledge that we have gained through numerous consultations and viewings with apartment seekers.

Our clients are apartment seekers looking to purchase a residential property, either for personal use or as an investment, to generate rental yields, which increase in value over the years. We believe that each and every apartment, including personal purchases, should prove to be a profitable investment.

Buyers of apartments intended for investment purposes receive a special consultation and a comprehensive investment estimate for each apartment, which includes an analysis of taxation aspects and the buyer’s cash flow. Naturally, we will also take care of leasing the apartment and support investment buyers from the point of purchase to the delivery of the keys to their tenant.

Every apartment is as unique as the person looking for it – we match people and prüperties.


Mag. Peter Havlik

Managing Partner
TEL +43 1 512 12 27

Petra Teufelsdorfer

Authorized Representative / Residential Properties
TEL. +43 1 512 12 27 – 60
Pia-Maria Schober, BA

Real Estate Consultant
TEL +43 1 512 12 27 – 20

Mag. Nicole Schuster, MSc

Real Estate Consultant
TEL +43 1 512 12 27 – 70
Mag. Viktoria PETER

Real Estate Consultant
TEL +43 1 512 12 27 – 80

Patrick Simetzberger

Real Estate Consultant
TEL. +43 1 512 12 27 – 50

Mag. Sabine Mikula

Office Management
TEL +43 1 512 12 27 – 30

Beatrice Marold, BA

Real Estate Consultant
TEL +43 1 512 12 27

Rosa Carrasco

Project Manager/Executive Assistant
TEL +43 1 512 12 27 – 40

Alexandra Havlik-Kalchschmied, MIM
Real Estate Consultant (On Maternity Leave)

Julia Krinninger
Project Manager/Executive Assistant (On Maternity Leave)