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1100 VIenna, Oberlaaer Straße 206

The guiding principles of this oasis are openness and spaciousness. These residential oases are equipped with large rooms that give residents freedom and make them comfortable. These oases are also equipped with high window facades that let light in and grant gorgeous views outside. From a visual perspective, the inside and outside are clearly structurally separated, yet they are connected. For a pure residential atmosphere.
The colorfully accentuated townhouse is timeless and prestigious. Clear lines and carefully installed materials ensure a homey atmosphere quality of life. The French windows top off the whole elegant concept. Spaciously laid out gardens and open areas allow residents to participate in the rhythm of nature. The language of architecture is unmistakable: Beauty in its purest form.

NEU OBER LAA offers space for eleven modern condominiums. The 2- to 3-room apartments are distributed over three levels, 430-861 ft2 (40-80 m2), and equipped with a garden, a loggia, a balcony, or a patio.

Energy statistics: HWB 28.23, Class B; fGEE 0.69, Class A+

Construction completion planned for the end of 2019.


TopFloorRoomsAreaOutdoor AreaPriceLayoutContact
1EG353,74m²-218.000 outline anfrage
2EG479,41m²59,88m²SOLD outline anfrage
31. OG250,78m²-SOLD outline anfrage
41. OG243,07m²3,70m²SOLD outline anfrage
51. OG242,02m²3,70m²SOLD outline anfrage
61. OG251,87m²7,35m²SOLD outline anfrage
72. OG254,79m²9,95m²SOLD outline anfrage
82. OG239,09m²7,46m²SOLD outline anfrage
92. OG372,11m²9,84m²368.000 outline anfrage
10DG259,28m²3,60m²SOLD outline anfrage
11DG259,59m²3,60m²SOLD outline anfrage
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  • Low-energy building
  • Solid construction made from bricks and reinforced concrete
  • Oak hardwood floor
  • Underfloor heating with individual room control, hand towel heater in the bathroom
  • Plastic-frame windows with triple-layered insulating glass
  • External, electric shading system
  • High-quality, fine stoneware and sanitation facilities in the wet areas
  • Open areas with concrete, external lighting, and water and electrical connection
  • Entrance doors Resistance Class III
  • Spacious elevator
  • Handicapped accessible