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1090 Vienna, Berggasse 35

Berggasse 35 has a history of making connections. The property was the location of the State Telephone Exchange II, which was built in 1898 following plans created by Franz von Neumann.

Today, over a century later, the property’s industrial-age architecture has been sympathetically adapted for contemporary living. With its outstanding location, in the heart of the Alsergrund District, the BERGGASSE 35 Project has created a new location where you’ll instantly feel at home.

Experience the spirit and think of the future. The historic location, contemporary materials and the light and open concept for the space come together to blend elegance and charm.

The Berggasse 35 address means a living uniquely special experience. It extends beyond fitness for a deeper fulfilment. Because life is about more than just the essentials.

Energy statistics: Heating requirement 31.94 Overall energy efficiency rating 0.81

Construction starts in 2017, with completion planned for mid-2019.

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TopFloorRoomsAreaOutdoor AreaPriceLayoutContact
1EG389,97m²-SOLD outline anfrage
21.OG262,62m²15,80m²SOLD outline anfrage
3+41.OG3136,74m²1,65m²SOLD outline anfrage
51.OG259,99m²-SOLD outline anfrage
61.OG278,55m²-SOLD outline anfrage
71.OG263,22m²-SOLD outline anfrage
81.OG267,72m²-SOLD outline anfrage
91.OG282,53m²-SOLD outline anfrage
101.OG266,85m²-SOLD outline anfrage
111.OG267,47m²-SOLD outline anfrage
122.OG264,82m²7,27m²SOLD outline anfrage
13+142.OG3136,72m²1,75m²SOLD outline anfrage
152.OG261,11m²-SOLD outline anfrage
162.OG278,22m²-SOLD outline anfrage
172.OG263,05m²-SOLD outline anfrage
182.OG267,56m²-SOLD outline anfrage
18+192.OG4149,18m²-SOLD outline anfrage
192.OG282,38m²-SOLD outline anfrage
202.OG267,79m²-SOLD outline anfrage
212.OG267,52m²-SOLD outline anfrage
223.+4.OG-602,83m²-SOLD outline anfrage
233.+4.OG-488,56m²20,04m²- outline anfrage
243.OG264,82m²8,02m²SOLD outline anfrage
254.OG264,90m²8,06m²- outline anfrage
261.DG3150,85m²11,10m²SOLD outline anfrage
271.DG3159,76m²23,89m²SOLD outline anfrage
281.DG3131,39m²19,55m²SOLD outline anfrage
291.DG3131,68m²13,18m²SOLD outline anfrage
301.DG269,49m²8,63m²SOLD outline anfrage
312.DG-182,37m²61,09m²SOLD outline anfrage
322.DG-363,62m²266,13m²SOLD outline anfrage
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Berggasse 35 in Vienna’s 1090 postal district is a place where people come together – a central address in one of Vienna’s finest areas. The historic surroundings, the personal interaction, and the streets that are full of youthful cafés, traditional restaurants and sought-after shops invite you to spend time there.

A cosmopolitan atmosphere goes hand in hand with a peaceful setting, making this an ideal neighborhood to live in and explore the culture. From the Freud Museum, the Schauspielhaus theater, the Servitengasse or the Danube Canal – the varied surroundings and the short journey times between them leave the inhabitants more time to focus on the essential.

Berggasse’s central, easily-accessible location also benefits from great connections to public transportation. The U2 and U4 subway lines are just a few minutes’ walk away, as are the 37, 38, 40, 41 and 42 tram lines that depart from the nearby Schottentor, a major traffic artery.