UPPER HILL SIDE – Obersteinergasse 11

1190 Wien, Obersteinergasse 11

UPPER HILL SIDE, that’s the city and the park, seen from above.
The contemporary house with 59 flats stands in the heart of Oberdöbling. Even the Romans recognised the high, open location of the district on the hill as valuable. But not only them: today, generous windows frame the view of Vienna’s diversity.

Balconies, terraces and gardens create a connection to the green-urban surroundings. UPPER HILL SIDE at Obersteinergasse 11, 1190 Vienna floats above things.

The façade with its supports, openings, recesses and projections on the right and left outside is reminiscent of the architecture of baroque summer residences. The existing building is being thoroughly revitalised and extended by two brilliant penthouse levels. The striking roof and terrace landscape of the penthouses skilfully enlarges the living space and provides individual open spaces.

This is how it should be. The volume of the house gives a sense of space and living comfort. Lots of light penetrates through the large-format windows, the atmosphere is cosy, the view spectacular.

Well designed floor plans, generous open spaces and high-quality furnishings are the basic premise for this project. Special features such as “art in the living space” and a mobile concierge service provide special accents. Construction has already started and completion is expected in autumn 2023.

State of the art, smart.

// ÖGNI Gold certified
// All flats are energy-efficiently air-conditioned
// 2-5 room flats (45-185 m2) with generous open spaces
// In-house underground car park (with preparations for electric charging stations)
// “Art in the living space” – tastefully designed art accents in the entrées
// Mobile concierge service: on request, this amenity is available for home delivery, mail service, cleaning and much more.

For more information, also visit our project website Upper Hill Side Wien

We would like to point out that there is a close economic relationship between the broker and the client. The broker acts as a dual broker.


Top Floor Rooms Living Space Outdoor Area Price Layout Contact
1.1EG269,02m²31,02m²565.000 outline anfrage
1.2EG393,50m²81,98m²825.000 outline anfrage
1.3EG254,21m²76,12m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.4EG377,86m²117,44m²770.000 outline anfrage
1.5EG261,91m²4,24m²470.000 outline anfrage
1.6EG264,41m²31,13m²515.000 outline anfrage
1.71.OG380,87m²15,36m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.81.OG393,54m²7,62m²790.000 outline anfrage
1.91.OG254,21m²15,65m²515.000 outline anfrage
1.101.OG377,87m²13,78m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.111.OG262,14m²4,22m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.121.OG264,33m²16,53m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.132.OG380,73m²15,36m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.142.OG393,49m²7,62m²815.000 outline anfrage
1.152.OG254,21m²15,65m²540.000 outline anfrage
1.162.OG377,86m²13,78m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.172.OG262,14m²4,22m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.182.OG264,35m²16,53m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.193.OG380,69m²15,36m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.203.OG393,40m²7,59m²899.000 outline anfrage
1.213.OG254,38m²15,65m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.223.OG378,05m²13,79m²799.000 outline anfrage
1.233.OG262,09m²4,22m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.243.OG264,30m²16,53m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.251.DG382,07m²17,39m²999.000 outline anfrage
1.261.DG283,05m²21,78m²1.099.000 outline anfrage
1.271.DG3100,67m²87,75m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.281.DG379,77m²71,38m²SOLD outline anfrage
1.292.DG4170,42m²135,22m²2.499.000 outline anfrage
1.302.DG3128,24m²114,99m²1.959.000 outline anfrage
2.1EG243,30m²25,76m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.2EG390,09m²151,16m²825.000 outline anfrage
2.3EG491,86m²158,49m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.4EG393,44m²112,01m²875.000 outline anfrage
2.5EG259,84m²31,01m²495.000 outline anfrage
2.61.OG244,78m²13,19m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.71.OG390,16m²11,46m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.81.OG244,30m²10,71m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.91.OG246,72m²4,14m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.101.OG390,70m²10,69m²815.000 outline anfrage
2.111.OG372,75m²15,36m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.122.OG244,78m²13,19m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.132.OG390,75m²11,46m²835.000 outline anfrage
2.142.OG244,30m²10,71m²445.000 outline anfrage
2.152.OG246,72m²4,14m²445.000 outline anfrage
2.162.OG390,71m²10,66m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.172.OG372,76m²15,36m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.183.OG244,47m²13,19m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.193.OG390,09m²11,46m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.203.OG244,30m²10,71m²470.000 outline anfrage
2.213.OG246,72m²4,14m²470.000 outline anfrage
2.223.OG391,32m²10,69m²899.000 outline anfrage
2.233.OG372,08m²15,36m²745.000 outline anfrage
2.241.DG248,94m²83,08m²839.000 outline anfrage
2.251.DG393,10m²45,20m²1.299.000 outline anfrage
2.261.DG283,68m²26,26m²1.099.000 outline anfrage
2.271.DG275,96m²17,38m²SOLD outline anfrage
2.282.DG269,19m²10,54m²899.000 outline anfrage
2.292.DG5187,71m²167,44m²2.899.000 outline anfrage
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Quiet green oases, secluded, charming paths, amazing buildings and inviting inns characterise the district.
The genteel cottage quarter bears witness to contrary desires – country life and mundanity – , bundled in one place. At the end of the 19th century, detached and semi-detached houses with surrounding gardens were built between Döbling and Währing in the English style.

But the 120-year-old Gregor Mendel House of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, the historically oriental Zacherlfabrik and the Villa Bunzl, an icon of early modernism by Josef Frank, are also absolutely worth seeing.
In addition, the Döblinger District Museum in the nearby Wertheimsteinpark and the Japanese-style Setagaya Park, a true gem in terms of plant diversity, are also worth a visit.

Public transport connections are as follows:

S45 Handelskai-Hütteldorf
38 Schottentor-Grinzing
39A Heiligenstadt-Sievering
10A Heiligenstadt-Niederhofstraße
35A Spittelau-Salmannsdorf


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