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1030 Vienna, Traungasse 12

The corner house, with its curved facade, gives the housing project “APARTMENT BUILDING NEAR THE BELVEDERE – TRAUNGASSE 12” a unique appearance. The existing building was fully renovated and revamped to meet the highest standards of modern interior design.

In addition to a large office space, there is also, among other things, a storage room for strollers and bicycles on the ground floor. On the floors above, high-quality owner-occupied apartments and investment apartments between roughly 60 to 180m2 are being built. Each apartment has full-perimeter open spaces in the form of a balcony, a patio or loggia, separated by plant troughs.

Energy efficiency: HWB 21.86, fGEE 0.78

Start of construction: Fall/Winter 2016

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TopFloorRoomsAreaOutdoor AreaPriceLayoutContact
Top 21.OG277,39m²10,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 31.OG263,91m²5,55m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 41.OG3123,73m²27,50m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 51.OG260,87m²5,28m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 61.OG272,13m²11,37m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 72.OG277,51m²11,93m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 82.OG264,02m²5,55m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 92.OG3123,76m²27,49m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 102.OG260,95m²5,21m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 112.OG272,39m²11,38m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 123.OG277,50m²10,40m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 133.OG264,02m²5,36m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 143.OG3129,23m²24,19m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 153.OG260,94m²5,17m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 163.OG272,38m²11,27m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 174.OG277,50m²12,05m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 184.OG264,06m²5,42m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 194.OG4122,98m²28,92m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 20a4.OG260,51m²6,02m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 20b4.OG272,13m²11,74m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 215.OG276,58m²10,26m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 225.OG264,07m²5,95m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 235.OG3136,23m²34,24m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 245.OG3111,69m²15,34m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 256. OG3116,31m²15,98m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 266. OG3142,62m²36,02m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 276. OG270,42m²6,80m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 286. OG272,55m²8,59m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 297.OG3120,03m²16,09m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 307.OG4179,21m²40,39m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 317.OG3111,63m²14,79m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 328.OG3107,09m²24,78m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 338.OG4149,49m²69,29m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 348.OG399,51m²28,64m²SOLD outline anfrage
Top 359.+10.OG3168,46m²173,03m²2.995.000 outline anfrage
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  • Apartment entrance doors, resistance class II
  • Genuine hardwood floor
  • Wood-aluminum windows, triple pane, insulation glazing with with exterior Venetian blinds
  • Underfloor heating
  • Glass walk-in shower
  • High-quality stoneware in the bathroom areas
  • Bathroom ceramics (Villeroy & Boch)
  • Storage room with washing machine connection
  • Pre-arrangement for air conditioning
  • Video call station (interface to mobile phone possible)
  • Smart home/home automation
  • Alarm system can be integrated via the smart home solution
  • Open spaces with outdoor lighting and an electrical connection
  • Spacious elevator, 100% accessible for people with disabilities


The apartment building near the Belvedere – Traungasse 12 is in the immediate vicinity of Schwarzenbergplatz by “Unteres Belvedere”. The Belvedere gardens and the Stadtpark, which are within walking distance, are perfect for taking a stroll through the greenery and provide some additional quality of life. Schwarzenbergplatz, the Ringstraße and the 1st District are all located in the vicinity.

Public transportation can be accessed with tram line 71 and bus line 4A at the nearest street corner. The tram lines 2 and D are also available at Schwarzenbergplatz. The nearest subway station is at Karlsplatz (U4, U2, U1) or at the Stadtpark (U4).


Photos by Gregor Titze

Visuals by Starrabbits Visual Studio OG

Building visualization by images

Graphic design, project logo & folder by moodley brand identity


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